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Red Hot and Solid Fishing at the Remote Cabins

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistAs we push deeper into the first month of the season, the fishing remains red hot at all locations.  We have had Master Anglers at almost every remote cabin as well as huge daily numbers of fish reported. The walleye seem to be everywhere from 3 feet of water down to 28 feet. Ol’ toothy is not far away as they have started to go deep to find that tasty food source. Be prepared to try different presentations while you are here fishing. We are seeing everything from a pink jig tipped with a leech to a 1 oz Mepps Syclops bring in master angler walleye. The large pike are chasing minnow baits as well as big shiny spoons at all depths.

The Skeens group from West Virgina, fresh off their state title in baseball, reported losing several “monster pike” at Opichuan that would have challenged our 53 inch record from years back. We know they are out there and this group of great guys may have found a few lurking around at Opich.

The Furjanic group from Illinois reports that the fishing at Musgrave was “simply outstanding”. This two lake system has some of the best overall trophy potential. Not only do we see 45 inch pike come from both locations, but the 28 inch walleye can be found each season.

Our groups heading into Ogoki Lake (the Dyer’s from Wisconsin, the Dennis’ from Michigan, and the Heubner’s from Georgia) are also reporting great numbers of daily fish as well as the occasional 40 inch pike. The big walleye have not turned up here yet , but they will. These “gi-normous” pike do not reach 50 inches by eating a steady diet of minnows. They get this way by eating walleye, BIG FAT walleye.

Wilderness North fly in fishingAs always, ZigZag and Dawn are on target to have huge seasons, but this is not news. These locations are full every week for a reason. Big fish and big numbers are a great combo! We have our first groups of the year heading into Arril Lake and Machawaiain Lake remote cabins. These fisheries are always solid and should produce some great stories for next week’s remote cabin report.

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Joe Pichey

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