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Rainy and Chilly Now…

Graham Saunders WN weathermanBut Warm & Dry is on the way!

Most of the summer has been warmer than usual but a cool change this past Sunday resulted in afternoon temperatures in the 60s, rather than 80s. An intense low pressure system and associated cold front brought some moderate to strong winds throughout the region.

Today – August 18 – will feature cool – but mostly sunny –  conditions with a few scattered showers possible in the late afternoon. Winds will be much lighter. A climb to average temperatures of 72 continues tomorrow.

A high-pressure ridge will define weather conditions in the next few days. Over the coming weekend southerly wind flow with temperatures in the low 80s and considerable sunshine are expected.

This summer has featured a number of these persistent ridges. They usually drift slowly eastward but sometimes can stall for several days. The day-to-day weather remains remarkably similar in these “blocking” situations.

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