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Question # 3

The first thing – first time callers – ask us when we get them on the phone is:
Where are you?
The second is: What is the weather like?
The third is likely to be: What about the bugs?

Wilderness North gearThere is no denying it, we do have a few here in the boreal forest. The birds call them dinner, the bugs call us dinner. Short of Deet based products, there is not much you can do  – – – Wait, this bulletin just in! There’s an All Natural Patch that Keeps Bugs Away! It’ a simple patch you stick on your arm. It helps your body produce thiamine(Vitamin B1), in fact to produce way too much thiamine, and it releases the over production through your sweat glands.

Frankly speaking, bugs hate thiamine sweat. So they bite the other guy in the boat. We looked at a patch product called Repel 24seven, and liked the fact that it was all natural and contained NO deet. This is not an endorsement of this or any product, and there are a few more on the market, but we thought you would like to stop scratching and start learning by clicking here.

Wilderness North corporate partnersPlus, you may already know that clothing is now available that has insect repelling values. From feathers you place in your cap or or hat, to shirts, pants, caps, etc. – it is easy to learn more from the the folks at Orvis. Click here to review their choicesBTW: Did you know that Wilderness North’s Miminiska Lodge is the ONLY Orvis endorsed lodge destination in Ontario?

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