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Pike Still On Despite Wet Weather

Lake levels rebound – Fog and rain prevail

Dawn Lake guests 2007With twenty-six trophies now on the Master Angler list …twenty-four pike and two walleye we’re really not complaining about the rain too much. We need it. The winter snows were light. However, we have staged our own version of “American Idle” this past week, as our mostly “American” guests stood “Idle” on the dock waiting for the fog to lift so flights could take off. Those anglers who braved drizzle, rain, and strong winds at times found that fishing was good. William had both a 28” Walleye and a 43” Pike. His companion, Bev caught and released a 46” pike. This Bloomington, Indiana two-some found their success on Pink “Foxy” jigs. They were at Dawn Lake outpost cabin, a destination known as an excellent walleye and pike producer…
and the lake is living up to that reputation already in 2007.

The 26,000 acre Whitewater Lake continues to reward anglers at both the Ogoki River outflow, east of our Strikers Point Lodge and the in-flow at the west end of the lake near our Whitewater Lodge. These two photos answer the question: “Can you really land big pike with a fly rod?” The Cabes-Monty and Peggy party of  Florida found fly fishing success during their cool spring adventure last week. Their photos remind us of the trip Gary and Peggy K had back in 2005. The Kokaisel’s own and operate The Fly Fisherman, a little store on Florida’s east coast and have prepared a packing & tackle list for anglers interested in fly fishing adventures for Ontario Northerns. Gary and Peggy will also be part of the guide/teaching team at our Fly Fishing School and Adventure at Miminiska Lodge, August 27-30 on the Albany River.

Peggy & Gary, Wilderness North guests 2007

Water Levels 101

Low water, Wilderness North 2007Our information resource team has completed another homework assignment. This time from Gord Ellis. Gord is an award winning outdoor writer and CBC broadcaster. We asked him to tell us more about area water levels and the impact that “lower than average” levels have on our lakes, rivers and fisheries. He reports Lake Superior and Lake Nipigon are at record low levels. but adds, “While low water has many down sides, for the angler it can also be positive. In low water years, fish in large river systems like the Albany, tend to become more centralized.” His entire report is available here.

By the way…

VHS DISEASE AND FROZEN SALTED MINNOWS…THE FACTS: VHS is an infectious disease caused by the Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus. VHS has been linked to the death of fish in the Great Lakes Region and detected in otherwise healthy gizzard shad, walleye, white bass, silver and shorthead redhorse, northern pike, and many “baitfish” minnows. Thirty-seven species of
fish have been identified as carriers of the virus. VHS, like most other diseases that affect fish health, has no impact on human health. At this time Americans MAY cross the border with frozen salted minnows … however outfitters are not allowed to prepare or package them for guests. If you want them, we can buy them pre packaged for you. Order early. They are about $5 USD per dozen – red or silver

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