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Pike Masters Get It Done on Whitewater !

Striker's Master Anglers June 2011, Wilderness North fishingThis week at Striker’s Point Lodge we note that the Pike Master Anglers have landed in full force on Whitewater Lake.
We welcomed the Rader group from Michgan and the Weakland party of Pennsylvania to camp.
We had three Master Angler Pikes caught and released this week.

Hear all about their trip here.

The first water wolf was caught and released by Scott Rader. He found his 44-inch Northern near the islands between the lodge and Best Island. He caught it on an orange Hot-n-Tot in 10-15-ft of water. The second Trophy Pike, was a 44 1/4 incher caught and released by the islands NW of Best Island, just south of the rock wall by Sean Deneen. He was using a 6-inch perch pattern Rapala. Last, but not least by far, was Greg Law caught a 43-inch Mr. Toothy on his last night with us while trying the grassy flats in Caribou Bay. He was using a 7-inch Salmon perch lure.

The Pike were more aggressive the last days of their trip. At the beginning of their stay, they were catching Pike in 26-ft of water and by week’s end, they were moved up into 10-15-ft of water. Honourable mentions this week are from Mick (Grand-pap) from the Weakland Party with a 32 inch northern and Greg Law with a 38-inch and Ron Mahrt with a 39-incher. Ken Radar’s 23-inch Walleye was the group’s largest Walleye for the week.


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