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Pies Made by Betty

It all began in 1956 when Betty’s father Aleck built a fish shack by the Stewart River on Highway 61. Betty thought it would be a good idea to have some goodies for the fishermen when they stopped in, so she started making donuts and coffee for them to enjoy.

Well, one thing led to another and Betty began selling hamburgers and hot dogs. Customers didn’t really like looking at dead fish while they were eating, so in 1958 Betty turned the old fish stand into a cafe that she named “Betty’s Cafe”. She also added pies to her menu.

Eventually Betty expanded the café by adding a lunch counter and more seating, of course the pie selection expanded too. People were now beginning to make it a regular stop on their way to cabins and resorts along the North Shore.

In 1974, after a few more expansions and decorating changes, and with more people stopping for a slice of her famous pie, Betty decided to change the name to “Betty’s Pies”. In 1984 after making thousands of pies and attracting customers from all over the world, creating a tourist destination of sorts, Betty sold the café and retired.

Betty’s Pies continued to grow in popularity and the atmosphere was changed to the blue and white theme that you see today. In 1997, when news came that Highway 61 was going to be expanded and the old restaurant needed to be moved or rebuilt, the famous café was sold again in 1997 to the current owners, Carl Ehlenz and Martha Sieber.

The new building was opened May of 2000 bringing with it much of the atmosphere of the old building, which was torn down in the spring of 2002.

During the summer months approximately 300 fresh pies are made each and every day. Along with the mouth watering pies, Betty’s now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner including pasties, trout, walleye, homemade soups and of course our famous homemade rye bread.



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