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PHW – Thank You

Dear Alan and Krista,
In my efforts to express my thanks to you upon my return to Perth, Ontario, I began to write a thank you note.  I hope that what evolved will serve as my thanks to you all for everything you have done for us injured veterans, and for me personally.To say that Healing on the Albany 2011 was a profound life experience for me is understating the fact. It was trans-formative. I am extremely thankful and grateful for all of your generosity and kindness. 

I believe that our paths will cross again, and look forward to that occasion.
Most sincerely yours,
Rob Martin
Perth, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Martin has prepared a great essay on the power of the wilderness in healing the physical and non-physical  wounds of battle.His essay captures in both word and photos his thoughts.

We will send you a PDF file so that you may enjoy his work.Click here to request a copy

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