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Pesky Pike – Picky Walleye – Abundant Brookies

MacArthur Hobson, Wilderness North staffIf you have been up our way, or seen a map of big Makokibatan Lake, you know if the winds are up, the choices for fishing spots are limited. However, last week the winds were moderate and anglers went anywhere they wanted to on the lake. As a result Walleye, Pike, and Brook Trout were very agreeable and cast to catch ratios were high. Some guests at Makokibatan Lodge even reported the Pike as “pesky” with a fish on every cast. The Walleye seem to have made the move to summer patterns – deep in the cooler water –  but catchable with lightweight dark jig heads below 15 feet.

One party went “down the river” – a trip only available for guests with guides – and caught 8 brookies – one over 19 inches! There are more details on lure choice and fishing techniques on this weeks podcast.
…MacArthur Hobson

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