Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Miminiska Lodge

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The Peronas Descend on Miminiska

Good morning fellow anglers and newsletter readers,
So far so fair here at Miminiska. We are well into the angling season at the lodge and returning guests make for some great times.  Warm days and crisp cool mornings have made for some great boating weather which the Perona group of family and friends took full advantage of.  With seven boats heading out each morning, the Perona group of 14 covered a lot of water and were no doubt able to reel in some big catches. With 20 years of angling at Miminiska under his belt, Paul Perona led the group on this adventure and helped them to bring up many fish that were “too big to measure”.

Hot spots of the week included the honey hole –a perfect spot for late night casting, and trolling around the base of Miminiska falls. With the right bait and presentation, these spots are a shoe-in for tight lines and exciting fights with feisty fish. Another great spot to wet a line is in Petawanga lake. Although the trail is maintained throughout the year, it’s a definite hike to get down the portage trail. But as the Perona’s discovered, the fish there are just waiting for the hooks to hit the water making the hike well worth your while. For those of you interested in wading or some river fishing, cast into the calm water below large rocks. This is where the larger predators hide out to stalk their prey –the right bait ensures a fast strike and a hard bite.

With such a large group on the water it made for some fun filled but busy days and required all hands on deck. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment; hearing the stories and the laughter that rang out during shore lunch and evenings at the lodge made it all worthwhile. Hats off to the shore lunch crew who were able to keep the two picnic tables full of hungry anglers well fed and ready to hit the water hard for round two –I have never seen so many pans cooking over the flames at once!

For those of you who have never experienced a shore lunch cooked over a roaring fire, there’s nothing like it. When you’re out on the lake, not much can top the taste of crispy pan fried walleye in mild batter served with baked beans and a side of tasty taters. While we do offer pre-packaged lunches, no fishing trip up north is complete without at least one fish fry shore lunch… Just remember to keep the area clean and watch out for rocks lurking just beneath the surface.

The departure of the Persona’s has left us with a chance to admire the tranquility and serenity of the northern wilds as we get ready to welcome the next batch of eager anglers. I would like to wish everyone good fortune during the last few weeks of summer. Stay tuned to learn how next week casts out and what excitement it reels in

Keep on reelin’

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