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More Than a Decade On D’Alton Lake

Clemmons party, Wilderness NorthEleven years ago…Chris Clemmons made his first cast on D’Alton Lake. And last week he made his umpteenth. Clemmons Throughout the “More Than a Decade on D’Alton” he has kept records of his “board fish” (Walleyes 20 inches or longer) … and of his general observations. In those eleven years and fourteen trips, his groups have caught and released 54 Master Angler Walleye, with the largest being 31 inches.

Today, Chris is a professional angler, having won the Walleye National Championship, and a good friend of Wilderness North. Last week his group registered three Master Angler Walleye (26 inches plus). The photos are on the left: that’s Michael Hagemann in the red cap, and Wayne Senneke in the yellow coat.  Chris further reports: “It was the group’s overall consensus that the lake was experiencing some sort of seasonal transition.  We also noticed a thermocline on our electronics over the first two days, which vanished towards mid-week.”

Two additional significant observations were made during their stay:

  • The average girth of the Walleyes has increased significantly over the years.
  • The Pike numbers seemed to be up this year, along with the average size and girth of the fish.

Overall it was another great trip to D’Alton for the Clemmon’s party, which continues to produce above average walleye, including Master Angler fish.

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