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Outpost Update

This past month we have had some great fishing at our outposts—we’ve been so busy and there’s been so much info, it’s taken us a little time to get it out to you. All of our groups have had the chance to partake in some amazing fishing— regardless of where you go there is no shortage of fish this year! Everyone’s primary comment is that the numbers are good—really good actually. Some groups have even reported catching 100s of fish caught in just hours!! One exhausted angler actually admitted to getting a little sore because it was cast after cast of fish on the line for him. Water levels were high at the start of the season, but seem to be dropping down to regular levels now.

Here are a couple of stories from this year’s outpost guests that have stuck out in my mind. The Brown party from Indiana, visited us at Zig Zag this year. Not only did they have great fishing, they had some excitement on the water as well. Boat partners Chris and Ed, were travelling to their next spot (Chris was piloting the boat) when he somehow managed to take off his hat and knock his sunglasses overboard. In his rush to retrieve them, he lost control of the boat and sent Ed flying overboard. After shutting off the motor, retrieving Ed, and giving him mouth to mouth to revive him (haha, just kidding on that part), Chris did get his sunglasses back. At  Dawn Lake, we had a honourable mention or almost master angler pike caught by Mike! So close, but not quite. Job well done anyways!  Also first time visitors to Dawn, Jon, Sandy, and the boys had a wonderful week with lots of fish and good family time.  Moose Crossing boasted unbelievable numbers of fish—catch totals so high you would never believe it! Congrats also go out to Mac who landed a master angler pike out on Ogoki Lake—well done! Mac and his group come back year after year for some amazing Ogoki action and we hope to see them again soon.

Thanks to all those of you who stayed with us at the outposts, we hope you had an awesome time. Stay tuned for future outpost updates. To plan your next adventure, give me a call or send me an email.

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