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Outpost Guests Check in

Dawn Lake
Wilderness North walleye fishingAt Dawn Lake Outpost, Ken and company were anxious to get out on the water and make up for some lost time (it had been a couple years since their last visit!). They hit the walleye hard and even managed to reel in a few hefty northerns including Hoyt’s 40in master angler and Ken’s honourable 34 incher. Both pike and walleye were feeding in shallow water (8 – 12 ft) and going after perch colored thunder sticks, Rapalas, and Hot-N-Tots.

In addition to great fishing in the north, east, and west branches of Dawn Lake there were also numerous waterfowl sightings of loons, eagles, mergansers, and even a spruce hen. The birds were no doubt also enjoying the shallow water fishing as Ken reports “An eagle followed us while we were trolling the shore line one day hoping we would throw him a fish, and we did. Well, a good time was had by all!!”

Zig Zag
Looking for a trophy pike to equal the 47 incher they caught 3 years ago, Herb and his party caught numerous walleye while fishing at Zig Zag. Using ¼ and ½ oz jigs of various colours with multi coloured tails the group caught more than enough walleye for fish fry suppers each night, as well as the 5 eagles eagerly waiting for scraps on the far shore.

While the walleye and small pike were plentiful, the big girls were harder to attract despite the group’s efforts. However patience eventually pays off as several larger northerns were netted while trying to attack walleye on the stringer. Herb and George both came close to landing a master angler with George’s catch being the biggest at 38.5. As for lures, these anglers used white buzz baits with white/red skirts and the same walleye jigs.

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