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Week One, Group One, One Master Angler

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterWith the same determination that keeps them coming back each early spring, the Jenness party, of Waterloo, Iowa,  took on the hot weather and very low water levels at Zig Zag this past week,  and came back with success stories and our first official WALLEYE MASTER ANGLER of the 2010 season.

Wilderness North GuestsThey remembered last year and shivering in their boats, compared to the 30+ degree (c) temps and wild spring storms that were part of this year’s adventure. The lower lake levels meant cautious boat operation and helped to concentrate the fish. They reported both large numbers of pike and walleye, one pike at 39 inches just one inch short of a Master Angler class Pike, and one very big walleye.

That’s Gerry of Iowa holding his 27 inch Master Angler Walleye in the photo. Gerry also had a scale in the boat and reported the trophy walleye weighed in at 7.2 pounds. He released the fish alive to score his Master Angler Pin. The other photo is a group shot of the Jenness party, the first official group of 2010 to ZigZag Lake. Last year Gerry also had a big walleye. He says he doesn’t catch the most fish, but he does catch the biggest:) His secret is a slow deep presentation of a jig and yellow twister tail. Congrats Gerry…see you in 2011.

Eli Baxter, Wilderness North guideThis “concentrated fishing” idea was mentioned to me just a few days ago as Eli Baxter, now beginning his 40th year of guiding on the Albany River told me, “This could be the best year of fishing in a decade…I like the low water. I drive the boats slower – I get more fish.” Eli is a man a few words and you can meet him at our Makokibatan Lodge.

So the Jenness Party more or less proved his prediction. Rest assured our Wilderness North team can and will meet the challenge of launching boats and welcoming airplanes in the low water world. Right now the season is off to a good start.

I always value your comments and questions. Send them to me here or call at 888 465 3474. –Alan

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