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Open Letter on Walleye Success

Wilderness North resource staffChris Clemmons has been sending e-mails back and forth to a group of guests coming up from the south. They are making their first trip to the “northland” and have a lot of great questions about transferring and adapting fishing skills and techniques they use for Bass and Crappie, to Northerns and Walleyes. Chris, as you may recall, is our “go to” member of the Resource Writers Team on Walleye fishing. The information he has shared in his e-mails will likely help a novice or veteran increase their catch-to-cast ratios. We have posted all of his e-mails on the website, in an article called “Open Letter on Walleye Fishing” for you to read, print, or download to your computer. Chris chats with us in his Mini-Podcast as he zeros in on “Worm Harnesses” and “Drop Shot” fishing. His 4 minute interview is worth listening to

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