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Ontario License Summary

Licence summary

We’re introducing a new easy-to-carry licence summary. Available November 26, this convenient summary will list all of your valid fishing and hunting licences in one place, eliminating the need to carry multiple licences.

You’ll be able to print your licence summary, either at home or by visiting a participating ServiceOntario or licence issuer location. Or you have the option to go paperless and carry a digital copy on your mobile device.

Tags instead of game seals

A new term comes with the new service. The game seals hunters use will be known as “tags” starting in 2019. You can print your tag at home or go to a participating ServiceOntario location or licence issuer to have it printed. Just remember, it’s your responsibility to keep your licence summary and tags intact and readable at all times. A resealable plastic bag will protect them from the elements.

Plan ahead! Buy your 2018 game seal products before November 19, 2018

As we transition to the new service there will be a short shut-down period, from November 19 to 25. But don’t wait to buy 2018 hunting licences that require a game seal. They will not be available from November 19 to December 31, 2018.

The new service rolls out November 26, 2018. At that time you’ll be able to buy Outdoors Cards, fishing licences and small game licences, as well as selected 2019 products. Wolf/coyote hunters will want to note that while 2019 tags will be available when the new service launches these tags will not be valid until January 1.

Starting January 1, 2019, all fishing and hunting licence products will be available according to their regular timeframes.

Outdoors Cards

Outdoors Cards are changing, too. We’re moving to one Outdoors Card for anglers, hunters and apprentices. All current Outdoors Cards and Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program Cards will be valid until the expiry date on the card. You will receive the new card when you renew.

Hunters –the new card won’t show your hunter accreditation and firearms classification. The fish and wildlife licensing service will keep track of your accreditation and the licences you’re eligible to buy. If you’re hunting with a gun, be sure to carry your firearms licence or proof of Canadian Firearms Safety Course completion. You’ll need to produce it at the request of a Conservation Officer.

Don’t forget to report

Hunter reports will be mandatory starting in 2019. If you received a tag for moose, deer, elk, black bear, wild turkey or wolf/coyote you must complete the report — even if you didn’t hunt or harvest an animal.

Reporting is easy! You can do it online or by phone.

New rules for apprentice hunters

Learning to hunt? Starting in 2019, all hunters between the ages of 12-14 are considered apprentice hunters. What does that mean? Apprentice hunters:

  • participate in the Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program;
  • purchase their own Outdoors Card;
  • may buy a selection of hunting licences and tags not obtained in a draw;
  • hunt under the direct supervision of a licensed mentor;
  • share a firearm with their mentor;
  • complete their hunter reports if they purchase their own tags.

It’s all designed to help apprentice hunters learn to hunt safely.

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