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Ontario Fishing Report

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterDa Bears
By now you have heard of the stories this summer from the U.S. National Parks, involving Grizzly Bears and park guests. Some have been quite tragic for both bear and man. We have come across a story that explains bear behavior based on science not just “hear-say.” See the side bar to learn more and get a copy for your own reading. 

We are excited to see the return of some big fish to our lakes and streams, now that summer is giving way to autumn. From both our lodges and outpost cabins the stories and photos tell the tale.

In his column, Graham will recap a wild week of weather, and look ahead at a big cool down.

Teens at Wilderness NorthWhat’s Wrong With This Picture?
Well if the young people you know are anything like the ones I know, they usually have a cell phone in their hands…thumbing away at text messages with heads down. Here at Makokibatan Lodge, there is just too many other things to do. And that’s good. No wonder parents, and adult family members list “introducing young family members to the wilderness” as a key reason they select a fly in fishing adventure for vacations. So its “thumbs up” to Emily Jensen, Aaron Silcock, Andrew Silcock, Aiden Silcock, Nels Erickson and Tara Jensen. It’s great to see their faces, and their choice of clothing is pretty darn good too. So there is hope for the next generation.

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