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One Angler – Two Trophies

Mitch K SPL Aug '08, Wilderness North Master AnglerWhen Mitch Kennedy decided to join his pals from Texas on a fishing trip to Canada he had one goal in mind, to catch a trophy Walleye and a trophy Pike. This week at Striker’s Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake, he did just that. Mitch ended up with a 26in Walleye caught while jigging in 10-12ft of water, and a 41in Pike caught at 9:30 pm on his last night in about 5 ft of water using a weedless spoon. Mitch was joined in the master class by friends Park and Ryan, both of Texas. Park’s Northern measured in at an even 40in, taken on a Johnson minnow in 5ft of water, and Ryan’s was 41.5in, taken on an Acme Kastmaster in shallow water as well.

Hounourable mentions go out to: Ashley of Colorado had a 35in fatty on a Williams whitefish in 14ft of water. Bill of Indiana was just shy of master status with his beauty, a 39in Pike taken on a red and white shad rap while trolling Caribou Bay. As well, Ryan of Texas was close with his 39in caught on a weedless spoon in about 5 ft of water.

It was another great week here at Striker’s with four more Master Anglers and good weather to boot. We had one day with scattered showers and other than that it was ideal weather. A lot of fish were taken this week trolling rocky shorelines, points, and islands with steep drops. It didn’t seem to matter how far down your baits were getting, these fish were suspended or coming up for them. To my surprise, it seems some large Pike have moved into shallow weedy water again but I believe the majority are still in deeper rocky water.

Tyler LancasterAnother interesting point to make is the role that the lunar cycle and barometric pressure drops can play when it comes to the aggressiveness of these large pike. Chris Clemmons, a tournament fisherman, as well as a writer for Wilderness North has some very interesting theories on lunar cycles and feeding habits. You can check out some of his material right here on our website.
…Tyler Lancaster

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