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On the road again…

A few years back we frequently used a slogan that went something like this…..”The road to Canada’s best fishing isn’t a road at all”. Of course we were referring to the “fly-in” part of our trip that makes these wilderness adventures so special and different than any other vacation around the globe. Today I thought I would talk about the two roads that many of our guests travel to reach the fly-out base camps servicing our lodges and outpost camps providing access to the pristine lakes and rivers they are on.

There is much focus in the northern part of our province, and other parts of Canada, on resource extraction these past few years. It results in our government spending more dollars on infrastructure, like roads, especially the key arteries….like the ones our guests are travelling on to Armstrong (Highway 527) or Nakina (Highway 548). A couple of years ago the highway to Nakina was upgraded. This year, almost one third of the “Armstrong Highway” as it’s commonly called, is being resurfaced along with some other work. For those of you travelling up in the near future, there are a few minor delays, but, for the most part, the journey is fairly painless.

Since I have been in this business I have seen drastic improvements in Highway 61 from Duluth and the Trans-Canada Highway from Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay. For those of you booked later this year or planning a trip next year, you can count on better than ever highway conditions. I know the temptation to make the last part of the trip as fast as possible is going to sky rocket…..I have made the occasional quick trip to Thunder Bay myself 😛
Safe driving!

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