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Old Man Fisherman catches Old Man Pike in Battle Royale !

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffDr. Vic Thomas arrived with his family all the way from Michigan, not suspecting that he was to have the fight of his life bringing in a 45-inch monster pike. It was a loaner rod, fleuger medium spin/cast combo, the tackle was a silver spoon with some red tape and a white twist-tail on the back-end and the fight…one of the greatest fishing stories the Miminiska Lodge bar has ever heard:

Trophy Pike 2010, Wilderness NorthDr. Vic snared a pike, which he and First Nation guide Thomas Nate barely managed to haul into the boat by using two nets. As they struggled the Leviathan into the boat, the pike snapped the 30lb steel leader and started struggling. Then the struggling pike whacked Thomas onto the 25hp motor, knocking the wind out of him. Dr. Vic lost control of the pike and it went back into the water bumping its head on the side of the boat. Dr. Vic’s son, Tim reacted in time to get another net around the head of the pike while it was still stunned and Thomas managed to get two hands on the tail, after recovering from his yoga-like position of bent backwards over the outboard motor… Not the right time for yoga Thomas… hehe. They finally got the monster in the boat! After seven years guiding on Miminiska Lake, Thomas Nate says it’s the biggest northern pike that has been caught here…crikey, Dr. Vic, bloody well done.The group finished up with three Master Angler pike, plenty of good times and bloody good fishing.

The Goldberg group from Toronto spent four days fishing and enjoying Lake Miminiska. Eddy grabbed himself a 42-inch pike just 50 meters from the Miminiska Dock, which made his day. The boys were here to have fun and catch a lot of fish…mission complete! The walleye were turning on the charm and everyone had their fill of fishing every day. Enjoying shore lunches and even bringing up their own lamb racks for shore lunch, which had this Aussie belly rumbling like mad! Love the lamb!

Anyhoo, hoo-roo for this week, with our good friends the McCabe party coming in soon, we are sure to have a bloody great time up here, as always!!
…Tristan Yuswak

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