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Okay…who really writes these fishing reports?

You want the honest truth?
Guests do. They tell us what works and what doesn’t. They tell us about “success patterns” they use on our area lakes and streams. They talk to us about the weather, lake levels and other environmental issues that impact their angling. We simply repeat the information they share – in a general way – right here every week.

There is one other thing we do for our arriving guests. We provide them with lake maps of their destinations, detailed with exact locations where the most recent guests have found success. These maps pass along depths in which fish were caught, lure selection, etc. At our lodges, our managers and guides track information and share it with guests. We believe that information…clear, detailed and fresh… is one more way we “outfit” our guests.

In addition, we have formed a group of expert writers we call the Information Resource Team, writers like Chris Clemmons, Gord Ellis, Scott Earl Smith. The downloads section of the website is filled with their wisdom free for your use.And one more thing…write to us. We love to hear from you. We’ll get answers to you questions. We’ll act on your suggestions, and, oh yes, we invite you to be a “Wilderness North Insider”. So when I say keep in touch…I mean it.


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