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Good Lake Levels and Plenty of Grass

Ogoki Lake Aug 21 2007, Wilderness North fly in fishingBig Pike from Ogoki Lake in the Summer

Jeff Ruegemer asked me to send you a few photos from our recent trip to Ogoki Lake. I caught two large Northern Pike and I have attached the photos and I also have attached a photo of a walleye I caught, but it is a smaller fish than some of the others we caught in the 20 to 25 inch range. I caught both of my pike in the early morning around 9:00 am. Both were caught near shore on top of weed beds. Both fish hit the lure almost immediately. In fact, the first fish of the two hit the lure as I was trying to pull it off the top of a weed it had snagged on. One fish hit on a six inch long floating Rappala. The color was orange on top with a yellow belly. The second fish was caught on a medium size Storm Perch of the slow sinking variety.” –John Maschoff

Jeff who organized the trip and reported that both Ken King and John Maschoff earned their Master Angler Pins for 3 pike over 40 inches. This group of guys are no strangers to our Ogoki Lake…a 16,000 acre natural impoundment of the Ogoki River…and fish in the heart of the heat to find the pike. And they find ‘em.

In addition to tips from the note above, Jeff tells us in his in depth interview on this week’s Voices From The Wilderness about using slow presentations of Slugo type lures since the weeds were so thick “we couldn’t get the usual type spoons any where
near them.”

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