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Ogoki Lake Walleye Chop

The guided party at Ogoki Lake, Rick Steward and Red Elliott of central Illinois, had a break through Wednesday, May 24th. Wayne Machendagoos (our Native guide) reports finding those stubborn walleyes in places we would normally expect. Deeper water – moving water. And again they’re usually more cooperative in the low light times of the day or with cloud cover…and of course our best friend, The Walleye Chop. (This is not an item from a restaurant menu.) You know those one-foot boat-rocking waves that make you think you can’t keep a jig down…but you can. And speaking of keeping a jig down…down she goes and bounce it off the bottom. Good bite on minnows and leeches. And trolling, a diving crank bait can be productive too. Now we’re not getting those 100 + fish counts. But sizes are good and lunches are still delicious. They also reeled in a 40-inch northern.


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