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Ogoki Lake Outpost: High Water – Rapid Water

Sometimes this 16,000 acre body of water is low… very low. Look out for rocks and islands you almost never see when water levels are high. But recently two groups occupied two of our three outpost cabins on the big lake and experienced a “high” Ogoki Lake.

Roger Dyer, who for 18 years has fished the lake, called his trip, “highly productive” although no trophy fish – Pike or Walleye- were registered. Roger and his five angling friends live near the Mississippi River. They caught really good numbers both in 12-15 feet of water, and in surprisingly shallow – 4-6 feet of water. Roger said of the Walleye, “They surprised us by being up on the flats, even near the area where the Ogoki River flows into the lake.”

Pat Knight’s group – six guys from the Grand Rapids area, had three trophy Walleye: Twenty-six inch lunkers for Larry Huebner and Randall Zandberger, and a 27-incher for Scott Knight. They caught lots of Pike on fly rods, by quickly skipping bucktail lures in grassy shallow areas. The Walleyes were in deeper – 15 feet of water. Though the weather was rainy – and cool – they fished a lot every day… and enjoyed plenty of fish to eat.

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