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Two Big Lakes That Keep Producing!

Alan CheesemanLast week we featured the story of the “Little Lake” with the big pike. This week I want to talk about, not one, but two of our big lakes that have kept on producing good fishing results, even during mid-summer conditions.

Wilderness North Master Anglers Aug2, 2006

Whitewater is a 26,000 acre basin lake of the Ogoki River, in the heart of the Wabakimi Park. The park is a 2.5 million acre wildlife preserve. The lake flows west to east with heavy current at both ends. Here on the web site, you’ll find a new story written by award winning Canadian outdoor journalist and broadcaster Gord Ellis, about his recent (July 2-6) family trip to our Striker’s Point Lodge on the eastern end of Whitewater.

The other lake is Ogoki Lake, all part of the same watershed, a bit smaller (16,000 acres) than Whitewater and comparatively shallower. It is 75 miles east of Whitewater and flows in a south-west to north-east direction. We have two lodges on Whitewater and three outpost cabins on Ogoki Lake.

Both lakes have produced Master Anglers in the past week. Chuck Wilks of Michigan found this 44 inch pike at Whitewater on July 29th. Chuck was fishing deep (20’) with 8# test and a 1/4 oz. jig and a white twister tail when this big girl decided to dance with him. You’ll note from the photo that Chuck needed a little help from his boat mate to wrestle her in long enough for a picture. And then back she went. Chuck, part of the Landheer family group, has been coming to Whitewater for years and says the fishing…even in the heart of summer…has never been better. That’s funny, that’s what Gord Ellis said about the lake, after his 12 year hiatus. While Chris Domrese of South Carolina did not have his camera, he registered a 41” pike from Ogoki Lake on July 30th. And by the way, both parties reported excellent walleye fishing as well, with plenty of fish in the 20 inch+ category. Greg Heyer of Michigan, also part of the Landheer group, had this nice 25” walleye. Again deep water was the rule. Conditions varied from hot still days to overcast and cold (38F).

Surprisingly, both groups did as well on the bright days as the cloudy days. Similar reports came in from Musgrave, Dawn, and Zig Zag where Greg Bryant had a 41” Northern, on a 1/4 oz jig with a live worm.

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