Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Makokibatan Lodge

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It’s not over ’til it’s over at Makok

Hello folks,
What an extraordinary week it has been at Makokibatan Lake. The sun shine and slight breeze combined with steady water levels, hungry fish, and lots of good company has made it an excellent week to work at the lodge… too bad it’s the last one. With that out of the way, let’s cast off and head out on the water for this week’s angling news.

Braving the elements, Terry, his family, and friends ventured out for their 20th consecutive visit to Makok. Terry and his sons took advantage of the breaks between the torrential downpours and booming thunder so loud it shook the lodge to get in some awesome fishing. Gunning for large northerns the group of 8 had some phenomenal catches. His first day on the water, Terry caught a walleye off the point and while reeling it in a massive pike jumped up and over the back of the boat…woah, the pike are out! Not to be caught unawares again, the group honed in their fishing and father son duo Evan & Carson Schuman managed four pike including two master anglers. The biggest trophy, a 41in northern weighing in at 17 lbs came from a 12ft pool in the North Channel. The Schuman’s also managed a double header; hooking a small pike being chased by a larger one and netting both together –Awesome!


The North Channel was definitely a hot spot this week as the winds kept the flies off the water and the fish eager to chomp down on bait thrown their way. Terry’s sons Jason and Derek each got a piece of the master angler action on the Albany River reeling in their own 26in walleyes. Derek also finished off his week with his own version of “the big one that got away”.  After fighting a monster pike on the line Derek and his dad Terry managed to get it in the cradle, but the paddle sized lunker wouldn’t give in and let them take it out of the water for a photo op.  In total the Francis group caught over a 1000 fish and had a blast! What is their secret you ask?

Well the answer isn’t select bait it’s wholesome meals! To make the most of long days on the water, anglers need full bellies and lots of energy to reel in those large trophy catches. Terry’s got this down pat with eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast; followed by steaks, pork chops, and scallop potatoes for supper. His pancakes are great! (I got to eat the leftover ones)

That wraps up this week, but be sure to stay tuned for next week’s report when we find out what’s lurking beneath the surface at Miminiska Lake…
Until next time,

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