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Northern Pike – The Gear You Need

Fishing for large toothy critters is addictively fun, is, for many a dedicated passion and can turn all encompassing to many an angler. Targeting big fish of any kind bares with it a responsibility one should never take lightly. Fish get big for a couple of reasons. They could be genetically superior, they could be long lived, and maybe, just maybe, they might even be smart. These are all legitimate reasons to keep them in the water allowing them to pass on their big fish traits to their future offspring. So if you choose to target large trophy sized northern pike, what tools do you need to have on board to effectively be able to release them back to the depths?

What’s in a Net? Hopefully a 45-inch northern!!!  Your net is the most important piece of equipment.  Consider them portable aquariums. They function as a safe keeper for large fish – keeping them wet and allowing anglers to get them ready for release.  Many nets also don’t remove any of the fish’s protective slime from their skin.   The most important thing a net offers an angler is time.  When a giant northern is resting comfortably in a big net, you don’t have to work quickly for fear of injuring the fish.  You can take your time, get that camera ready, remove that hook, enjoy the experience and not worry about having a fragile fish flopping around on the floor of the boat.


Jaw spreaders
Pike have teeth, nay razorblades in their mouths. They can injure an angler with a quick turn of their head.  They are arguably the most dangerous when anglers are trying to remove the hook from their mouths. This is where Jaw spreaders come in handy. They are spring loaded and designed to keep a fish from closing its jaws around your fingers.  They allow you to get you hand deep into the fish’s mouth without fear of injury.

jaw spreader

Another way to protect you from those gnashing pike teeth is to wear a tooth-proof glove.  There exists gloves that won’t allow pike teeth to penetrate their material keeping your fingers safe and your blood where it belongs – inside your body.


A good set of needle-nose pliers is a great tool to keep your fingers out of the business end of big pike.  They, with extended shafts will keep your hands right out of harms way allowing you to remove the lure from a fish’s mouth.


Bolt cutters
So what happens if you get a lure stuck way down inside a pike’s mouth, maybe even swallowed it?  Cut it out!  Cut the hooks as close to the point of contact and get your lure out of there!  Chances are the fish will lose its new jewelry in a shorter period of time without a lure attached to it.

Bolt Cutters

It goes without saying that having this equipment with you when targeting trophy northern pike is vital. It will protect you and the pike and will allow that fish of a lifetime to swim away and maybe even get caught again.

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