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News from Zig Zag!

Two of our guests share their experience at Zig Zag Outpost this Spring. First up hear we here from Damon who speaks of his master angler pike and endless walleye!


After Damon enjoyed Zig Zag Lake, Mike headed in shortly after for his Outpost trip:

For over twenty years our group has been fishing with Wilderness North, mostly on Whitewater Lake. We have always read reports about the great fishing on Zig Zag but could never get the group to agree on a date in time to reserve the outpost cabin until this year. Our initiation was a real eye opener.

Conversations with two of the three groups who preceded us on the lake revealed the fishing to be good, but a little more challenging than past experience. Our expectations were given a lift by the group leaving camp as we arrived. They indicated that action increased significantly on their last day and predicted “we were there at the right time”

It did take us a day or so to get to know Zig Zag and Crescent Lakes and find the fish. We experienced aggressive Pike the first day and a half, but Walleye were elusive in traditional hotspots like the rapids entering Zig Zag. Fortunately, we learned quickly that the post spawn walleye were dispersing to Crescent Lake. Trolling around the East shoreline and Islands of Crescent with Bombers and Thundersticks we were able to locate strong concentrations of large walleye in the 22-26” range. And once located, jigging with plastic tails, occasionally tipped with salted minnows proved deadly.

Never in these twenty plus years of fishing with Wilderness North have we caught so many consistently large Walleye. We had trouble catching fish under 18” for our shore lunches and fish dinners. We had to resort to trips to the portage around the rapids entering Zig Zag where you can fish from shore and catch dozens of Walleye in the 14-17” range for our eaters! Such a sacrifice with the rapids spilling out of Moule Lake roaring in the background.

While we did not break into the Master Angler club during the week, we fell just short repeatedly. Three Pike in the 36-38” range were boated, along with several others in the 30” range. Two 26” Walleye were taken along with numerous others in the 22-25” range.
It was by all counts a super initiation to the great fishing at the Zig Zag outpost camp. We will return!
Many thanks to the folks at Wilderness North for a great trip and a special shout out to Zig Zag veteran Vince Jenness for sharing his knowledge of this exceptional fishery.

-Mike Lashbrook

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