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News from the lodges and success from the guests!

A big hello from Wilderness North!

The reports are in and we have compiled the highlights over the past few weeks! From huge brook trout at Miminiska Lodge to massive pike at Mojikit- we have the tips and tricks you have been craving!

Miminiska Lodge

Fishing at Miminiska Lodge has been consistent over the last few weeks with the Walleye mine heating up with constant double headers of 17-21 inch walleye. Pink jigs and white twisters are the simple secret!

In last week there has been a massive mayfly hatch resulting in whitefish rising and countless walleye and pike gorging on the free offering! The shoals and grass islands around shorelunch island have been a big hotspot along with the outflow above Mim falls. The water is dropping with lack of rain and water temp is now in the low 70s. Most fish can now be found in 6 to 14 feet of water.

Some of our Master anglers at Mim:
John from Chicago Illinois: 27 inch walleye
Dave from Tennessee: 21 inch brook trout
Chris from Virginia: 23 inch brook trout

Jim and David were two of our guests who had the chance of heading up the Keehzik River for world-class brook trout fishing! They had great success; each catching their personal best! Fly-outs are a must-try as our guides take you down less travelled waterways in search of massive fish!

Guests David and Jim on their guided Freestone River fly-out! Congrats!
Brian with his 23inch walleye caught and released at Snake Falls


Fishing at Mojikit is known for it’s consistent fishing and lack of bugs! Tips from guests Brian and Tim share the secrets to fishing these waters!

“Casting a moon glow silver streak spoon at the rocks, about 3 casts in and boom a hard thud then “zing” off peels the line and so a good fight begins.” -Brian

For more than a decade Chicago’s Tim Dodge and his group of college friends have explored the cool clear waters of Canada. Early on in canoes, but lately with a bit less outdoor adventure and more creature comforts. His podcast shares the story of Mojikit Channel with its comfy cabins, clean power boats, and endless walleye.


Conservation fishing is paying off on Makokibatan Lake! The average fish size is 22+ with large amounts being in the trophy range. It is often hard to find eater sized walleyes- a pretty great problem to have!

News from Makokibatan guest, Jason:

I fish all over Northwestern Ontario and have not found better overall quality of walleye than at Makokibatan Lake. The lake is large, wide open and for the most part fairly flat. Finding depth changes and structure can be challenging but what I discovered this early July was that the islands on the south shore have plenty. Early in the year the walleye are stacked up in “The Cut” and “Walleye Alley” and trophies aren’t hard to find but as spring turns into summer we found them at the islands and even in the warm sun and little wind, 18 to 22” Walleye were plentiful. Sand Point also has an edge that drops from 6 feet to over 20 feet where we found some, but this structure should hold walleye all season especially when the wind is blowing into that shore.

Jason and his 26 inch walleye, caught and released at Makok!

There is also some depth changes just outside the bay near Eli’s Cabin that have a lot of promise to hold Walleye later in the season. We were unable to find the underwater rock reef (marked on map) near Sand Point but that location is certain to hold walleye later in the summer.


This is not a secret password, but the words of wisdom you hear from Chris Clemmons as he describes his championship angling techniques in finding Ontario walleyes. His group had another Master Angler trip to D’Alton lake and this podcast is your formula for success.

Striker’s Point Lodge

News from Strikers:

“Our party of 4 is just back from Strikers Lodge. Great camp with lots of fish. 16-21″ walleye as fast as you can get a jig down. 12-20 ft of water with bright jig and 3″ tail tipped with some scented Gulp. Our other party got 2 master pike in 3-6 ft of water on 5 of diamonds daredevils and bucktails.” -Rob

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