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News from Striker’s Point

Striker's Point, Wilderness North FishingThis week at Striker’s Point Lodge , our very own number cruncher, Jason Hull, arrived for some fun in the sun. Jason brought his family up for a few days and caught and released a 37-inch Pike just two fishing points down river from the lodge. He caught it on a 1-oz silver minnow spoon in 15-ft of water. We also hosted the Nazaruk party from Illinois; the Olson party from Schaumburg; the Hill party from Michigan and the Knoble party Minnesota, but no trophies, Pike or Walleye. We have had several 20-22 inch Walleyes caught and released.

Towards the middle of the week, we welcomed the Henson party as well as the Pichey/Carroll/Gillard trio. Tyler Henson is part of our maintenance department in the hangar in Thunder Bay and along with his dad, showed us their stuff. The boys caught and released three trophy Pike and two honourable mentions. Between the two guys, they released a 44, a 42, a 40 incher. These big pike were caught off the first point, (east of the lodge-down river) from the lodge on a Storm Wildeye Seeker Shad Orange Demon. This lure was the joke of the trip as it was purchased as a joke and ended up being the most productive lure of the trip.
So, who had the last laugh now? These trophy pike were caught in 5-7ft of water and weeds. Congrats, guys!

Also joining us for a short sojourn was our own Joe “Prop-Chipper” Pichey along with Meryl and Linda from Makok. Meryl caught and released a nice 23-inch Walleye up the river, just before the rapids. Ask Joe, about the rocks around there, he’ll be able to mark a few!

There are a few fires in the area so some days can be smoky and hazy and we are looking at hot temperatures again for the rest of the week.

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