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News From Makokibatan Lodge

26 More Big Big Trophies reeled in at Makokibatan

Makokibatan Lake is a big “open water” lake…and when the winds are from the west, expect a little overspray in the boat. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for the results you’ll get from such legendary fishing spots as the Walleye Alley, or closer to Makokibatan Lodge, The Back Lake Cut. This past week, eighteen anglers registered 25 Walleye longer than 26-inches, qualifying for the coveted Wilderness North Master Angler Pin. And one lucky angler – Jarett Zieber, got both a 43.5 inch Pike and a big Walleye  – a 26.5 incher.

Jim Kalgren’s group, from the Twin Cities, had 6 anglers, and 10 big Walleye among them, including the 28.5 incher caught and released by Steve of St. Paul, Minnesota. Jim had two at 27-inches. Craig, also of St. Paul, had three trophies: two at 28-inches, and one at 26-inches. Randy of Andover, Minnesota also scored three times: two at 27-inches, and one at 26. Mitch Lance and Dan Goldman, each had a 27 incher. Jigs, dressed with live minnows, leeches, and salt minnows seemed to be the way to get trophy.

Adding to the list of Master Anglers, were Alex and Bryce Meier with 27-inch plus Walleyes, caught on a jig and worm, and a Little Cleo. Curt More had three big Walleyes, using a night crawler harness and a Hot-n-Tot. Tom Farris had two at 26-inches with a jig and twister tail. Five other Buckeyes, Ed Yackey, Marty Lang, Matt Johnson, Dio Grant, and Tom Donahue collected the Master Angler Pin as well. They too were using, worm harnesses, Hot-N-Tots, jigs, and twister tails. And congrats to Bob of Kenosha, Wisconsin on his 26-inch Walleye. A full camp… and lot’s of Trophy Walleye.
AHHHH…does it get any better than this?

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