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News From Makokibatan Lodge

High Winds Make for Tough Fishing
This past week at Makokibatan Lodge, the weather was a bit on the unruly side. Although there was no rain, the winds made for some tough fishing.

  • We had the Noel Bon Ami group from Florida, and the Anderson group from Lexington, Kentucky.  Both groups caught lots of nice Walleye and Pike but still just missed a Master Angler.
  • Tom and his group from Traverse City, Michigan fought hard for a Master Angler and got many fish over 20-inches but not the elusive Master Angler- 26 inch plus glassy eye.
  • The Neese family from Rochester, Minnesota braved the winds every day and night. It paid off with the week’s only Master Angler, a 26-inch Walleye caught by John on a swim bait. They also thoroughly enjoyed a river trip with two of our guides Joe and Andrew Missewace who put them on top of some nice Brook Trout, the biggest being 21 ½-inches.
  • The Lillie group of Cheboygan, Michigan enjoyed some solid fishing and had an exceptional river trip with First Nation Guide Andrew Missewace who helped find the boys a nice 20 ½-inch Brookie.

Despite the rough weather, our guests had great adventures both inside and outside the lodge.

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