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New Year, New Marketing

2014 has come in with a bang at least as far as the weather is concerned. As January comes to a close, like many of you, we are experiencing colder than normal temperatures. It has been many years since I have seen it this cold and so much snow. Graham Saunders tells us that this arctic vortex will soon pass.

We recently completed a couple of sport shows in the Chicagoland area. We used these shows as an outlet to showcase our new adventure travel magazine. Along with outdoor writers Scott Smith and Gord Ellis, our team has published a magazine about the Wilderness North Experience. Gone is the old format of a brochure with cabins, rates, and lake info. These items still exist and live on our website where they can be accessed anytime –no downloads required.

We have received great reviews from those who have read the magazine so far. I am extremely proud of the Wilderness North Team. It is our goal for the magazine to share the Wilderness North experience with the reader and provide relevant and current information about the wilderness, the fisheries, and the people involved in bringing our guests an amazing fly in adventure. We feel that our anglers have been and continue to be adventure travellers in the truest sense. Year after year they seek out and embrace the remote natural environment of the north for a chance to explore pristine lakes and rivers in search of more than just their next trophy catch.

Browse through our magazine online or order it here . We will be mailing our magazine out to all our present and past guests who request one next week. We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for the next issue. It is our plan to produce two issues next year.

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