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My Whitewater Lake Report

Tyler LancasterThe ice has only been off the lake for a week and a half and eager Striker’s Point anglers are already making the most of the young season. Our first group, the Kalgrens, party of eight, from Minnesota are Striker’s regulars, and masters of early season walleye fishing. They arrived in camp on May 22nd late in the evening and did not get out until the morning of May 23rd.

I was anxious for their return to the dock at dinner-time to see and hear about the results of their first day. They did not let me down. Each boat landed around 50-70 walleye. Almost every fish came from deep water (20-30 ft), with flow.  Salted minnows were the ticket to entice, and Jim Kalgren and his fellow fishermen also noted that most of the walleye were extracting eggs or milk.

No trophies yet but a solid average size of about 16-22 inches.
The weather has been excellent with two straight days of sunshine and calm waters. We are headed for more rain according to the weather experts and that is not good for our dock situation. The lake level is up about 4-5 feet this year and our dock here at Striker’s Point Lodge is submerged.
…Tyler Lancaster

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