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My Turn to Fish!

Well, it was sad to see the nine Blokes and one Shelia leave from Project Healing Waters, but it allowed me to have a day of fishing out on the lake with Wilderness North Marketing Director Wayne Blackmon.

Wilderness North staffI hadn’t christened my fly-rod yet, and hadn’t really had the chance to get out there, so Wayne guided me to some of his favourite spots. We hit it big at the Keehzik River mouth, me fly-fishing with a pike fly, snapping up plenty of big fat healthy walleye, all over 18 inches and some Northerns in the 23-25 inch range. Wayne was having so much fun watching the pike and walleye hit his top water lure – the famous Zara Spook. Wayne said he had never seen walleye hit the big profile top water lure before. It seems that the walleye in this region are so feisty that they are going for anything that moves, which makes for quite a break-in period for a new fly-rod. Wayne said it was his exceptional presentation skills that caused the hits – well he is a marketing guy!

The Beringer family from the state of Ohio made the trek up this week and have been enjoying some beautiful weather and fishing. Susie landed herself a 25in walleye in the first outing and was just short of 26in master angler status. The rest of the gang have been landing a big bag of fish, with Nancy almost managing to get a huge northern into the boat, but he broke off at the last minute.

Dave July22/2009, Wilderness North brook trout fishingThe healing waters guys managed to tap into the brook trout spots with Ferris landing himself a nice brook trout up at Snake Falls, only to be outdone by the Videographer, Dave Clement, (photo right) who just for fun threw a jig head and twister-tale into the water and landed a 24 inch brook trout football. Ferris almost threw his fly rod into the water for that one. There were plenty of late night trips looking for old man brookie, but no one else seemed destined to get one this trip, with the may flies all over the place, the fish can afford to be a bit picky when it comes to what you throw in front of their faces.

Hoo-roo for this week.
…Tristan & Jasmine Yuswak

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