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My Trip to Zig Zag

Eager to talk about the great fishery at our Zig Zag Outpost camp, group leader Dennis, recently back from his fishing trip, writes:

“Overall, the fishing was really good (better than we’ve experienced at any other lakes). This is my third visit to Zig Zag and although it was not as productive as my first year in 2009, I caught more pike than walleye with 10 measuring over 30″, the largest being 36″. 2009 was special because that year we had access to Crescent Lake where I caught my largest pike and walleye ever. The low water conditions didn’t allow access for us into Crescent.

The walleye fishing was good at all the inlets and outlets where there was moving water. We were most productive in 6-14′. (see feature image of his fishing buddy, Chuck) The first eddy above the portage was slow. However, if you hike around the first eddy to the second, the fishing was fantastic- the best of the whole lake during this trip.

The last 2-3 days, the wind kicked up pretty strong – around 20 mph. We were limited as to where we could fish. In some areas the anchor wouldn’t even stick and it was very difficult to get your cast to go where you wanted it to. Despite that we caught several walleye over 20″ with the largest at 23”. We had about 10 “zing-pops” – not sure what they were but they hit our lures hard and broke the line quickly.

We used a lot of crank baits, specifically Rapala Shad Raps, X-Raps, Original minnow, Husky Jerks, etc.  Had excellent luck on the Berkley Flicker Shad in size 7 & 9.  Best colors were Yellow Perch, Silver, and Pearl White.  Also caught fish on the Rapala Rippin Rap (red), jigs with live worms and plastic grubs”.

We are already looking forward to what has become our annual Zig Zag fishing adventure next year!

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