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More Masters at Whitewater Lodge

Here’s some great input from a couple groups at Whitewater:

“We had a great week at Whitewater Lake.  We have been to Ogoki 3 times in the past, but this was our first time trying a new lake with Wilderness North.  We have fished with numerous other outfitters as well, and I will say the fishing and accommodations were great.  You can target either walleye or pike in this lake and as a group, we spent time fishing for both species.  I would say our catch was 50/50 on species. I personally averaged well over 50 fish per day.  Some days were better than others.  As always, you get a wide range of weather.  As the weather changes, so does the fishing.  A little wind, rain, and cloud cover always helps the bite in my opinion.  There were 2 master anglers, a 41 inch pike caught on a gold rattle trap casting in moving water, and a 40 inch pike caught on a silver and blue rattle trap trolling a point.  Several other 36 – 38 inch pike were caught.  We had a 7 year old catch a 36 inch pike on a leech with a bobber.  We celebrated that day.  Walleyes were caught on jerk baits and jigging outside of moving water and points.  Average walleye size was 18 to 19 inches.  It was difficult finding eater walleye.  Once you found schooling walleye, a boat could catch 50 in an hour by jigging leeches, live or plastic.  Most walleye were caught at 10′.  Pike were caught at any depth.  I will say that Boyce and Alma made our trip even better.  They are great people; we look forward to next year…..Thanks, Ryan C.”

“Brad L. topped us all with a 45 inch Northern Pike (see above photo), second by Greg L. with a 43 1/2 inch Northern followed by Ken R. with a 41 1/2 inch Northern and Scott R. with a 40 inch Northern pike and we had several Pike ranging from 32 inches up to 39 inches for the week. Fishing was super good with over 900 walleye caught and released as was the Northern pike for some one else to catch a trophy fish and they were all very healthy fish.”

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