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More Masters at Makok- For Young and Old Alike !

Makok July 21 2010, Wilderness NorthThis week things are little quieter here at Makokibatan Lodge on the Albany. We had the Wukich group in from Pittsburgh, for their 10th return visit. That’s right, three generations of Wukich folks. These half dozen anglers did lots of exploring on the lake. Their week started with Grandpa Dan’s 26 inch walleye, caught near shore lunch island on their favorite tackle, the now famous “Hot-n-Tot”, so Grandpa Dan let his grandson hold the walleye for the pic. That’s Craig with the 26 1/2 inch walleye holding it proudly for that great shot on the left…Craig took along his son Mike for the fishing trip and now have lots of great fishing memories.

The Bald family group from the east coast states (Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, and North Carolina)  joined us later in the week and are already master anglers even though this is their first time on the lake. Frank joined a day later after flying in his own helicopter and they have scheduled a river trip today; I’m sure everyone in the boat will enjoy every moment with 87 year old native guide Eli Baxter. Wilderness North staffEarlier this week Eli took out the senior members of the Wukich group and commented, “What am I going to do if something happens?  I was the youngest in the boat.” Eli went on to say,  “I feel like I’m 45 when I get in that boat heading down river, that is,  until I hit a rock.” – LOL

…Meryl and Bernard Carroll




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