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Tyler with Albany Brook TroutAs the season begins to wind down, I am asking myself, “Can I really leave this place?”  It has been an incredible summer here, and it will indeed be tough to go. However, every season comes to a close, and I just feel thankful to have been a part of such a great one here at Striker’s Point Lodge.

This week we entertained the Gleason family from Thunder Bay. Our food and beverage manager Mark P’s daughter, Kallyn, was amongst them. Mark finally had a chance to grace Whitewater Lake again, as he used to manage Whitewater Lodge some years ago. He wasted little time in finding fish for his friends including a hefty 40in Northern for himself. He caught his fish in 25 ft of water using 6 lb test and a chartreuse jig. The “bay of pigs” was a choice spot for top water Pike action as fishermen landed 100 or more one day.

I also had the chance to get out for an evening, and decided to check out a hole that manager Bill Carroll had told me about earlier in the season. I had high hopes as no one had touched the location yet this year. Upon reaching the bottom with my jig, it was “fish on.”  I landed over 50 good-sized Walleye including a 27, 24, and two 23 inch in about an hour and a half. Needless to say, the hole is now being used!


This week also saw the arrival of our good friend Par Shiree and his group, as well as the Elo group out of Thunder Bay. Day one for all was phenomenal fishing. George from Toronto was trolling a classic red and white daredevil downriver in about 5ft of water when a massive 46in beast jumped his spoon. His friend Daryl, also from Toronto, was fishing close by when a 41in Northern smashed the Walleye he was reeling in. He managed to net both. George’s father, George Sr. kept up with his son by getting his very own 46in Northern the very next day. He was fishing shallow weedy walleye bitten water at the mouth of ” the bay of pigs” using a watermelon coloured spoon. Check out what kind of damage occurs to a Walleye when a 41in Pike hammers it.  And remember to be cautious when sticking your hand in the water to land your next “wally.”
…Tyler Lancaster

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