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Moose Crossing – Delivers Strong Results – Despite Weather

Moose Crossing, and outpost on the big Ogoki Reservoir, welcomed four very experienced anglers in the Kallimaa group. Three of the guys live near Atlanta, Georgia, and the other  lives near Madison, Wisconsin. These guys are experienced Canadian anglers, but joined our family of guests for the first time this year. They had it all. wildlife sightings of black bear, moose (jogging along with the car- whew) red fox, eagles, and even an “on the porch” visit from a Marten trick or treating for food scraps. One day it snowed…the next day it was 75 degrees… welcome to spring in the boreal. Despite the impact of quickly passing fronts, Kurt says the fishing was steady, lots of good sized Walleyes and plenty of 24-inch plus Northerns…one up to 36 inches. At times, Kurt reports, ” it was one right after another” on the Walleye angling. Congrats guys on a braving the elements and having a good trip.


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