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Mojikit Lake – Ogoki River Reservoir

Dan.S. Moj 2007, Wilderness NorthAnd our camp on the channel that connects them
Iťs about seasonal choices, right? Big Lakes. Small Lakes. Rivers and streams. Deep water. Shallow water. Especially in the summer. And when you check that forecast, you’ll find summer temps are up and that generally means the fish are heading down. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch them.

Mark.D. Moj 2007, Wilderness NorthJust ask Dan, Kentucky and Mark, Ruckersville, Virginia, about their trip to Mojikit Channel housekeeping camp. Catching pike or walleye in the heart of the day is simple. The walleye go down in the deep cool water, and those hungry pike go after them. When the sun is off the water, both species can come up shallow. Right now our water temps are relatively cool for this time of year, thanks to the cool weather we have had in the past few weeks and water levels continue to stay “UP” thanks again to our rainy spring and early summer.

Mojikit Channel Lodge is about a half hour float plane flight from our base in Armstrong and offers guests their choice from five cabins with full time electric power, indoor plumbing and daily maid service. Our full time on site camp managers look after refueling and cleaning your boats and have tips about “hot spots” to explore. The channel runs between Mojikit Lake were Dan caught his Pike, and the Ogoki Reservoir formed by the Waboose Dam along the Ogoki River’s west to east flow.

Mojikit Lodge, Wilderness North

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