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Model DeHavillands

As many of you know, it was the de Havilland aircraft company of England, who came to Canada and built the first of the bush planes that opened up the wilderness. Our guests experience this first hand when they fly on our well preserved Beaver or Otter when they fly with us for their adventures.

Well, for 30 years Christopher Busch, an outdoorsman, grew up watching the de Havilland Beaver in action and searched model shops and magazines looking for the seaplanes he loved … but the search always came up empty-handed.

Today Busch, owns DeHavilland Dreams in Roberts, Wisconsin about a forty minute drive east of St Paul Minnesota.

Once he found a plastic manufacturer that would make the de Havilland Beaver seaplane model, it occurred to him that other individuals might share the same passion and intrigue about this pure Canadian float plane. So, in July, 2007, he created DeHavilland Dreams, Inc, a company that sells de Havilland Beaver (DHC-2) model airplanes, and a whole lot more.

Soon customers inquired about additional aviation gear and products, so in January of 2008 he expanded the company to an online aviation shop. Research proved that few companies marketed directly towards Bush Pilots and Seaplane Businesses. He wanted to change all that.

DeHavilland Dreams has now become a premier outfitter for floatplane models like the 1:24th scale de Havilland Beaver seaplane model, seaplane shirts, aviation gear and pilot, supplies include DVDs, logbooks, GPS, headsets, flight bags, kneeboards, calculators, survival gear, apparel, books and more.

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