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Miminiska’s Special Guest …

Darryl Morgan, wife Ann, daughter Alana, son Max and very special guest Victoria (Ann’s mom) were with us at Miminiska Lodge. Victoria Maxwell was lodge manager here at Miminiska from 1954 to 1961 … in fact, two of her sons were born here!! It was fascinating to hear her stories from those times. On the fishing side of things, the Morgan family enjoyed a memorable shore lunch at shore lunch island with Thomas and our staff. Simple white and yellow jigs caught many Walleye during their stay. The weather was fantastic every day and the Morgan family thoroughly enjoyed their stay here at Mim.

Also in camp were Jeffrey and his son Gordon from Columbus, Ohio. Shore lunches were very popular, as well as a trip with Thomas to the Walleye Mine then on to Snake Falls. Jeffrey caught a 20-inch Brookie on a silver and blue Cleo spoon. Gordon caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a very large Sturgeon surfacing over a rock for just a moment in the fast water at Snake Falls. One morning out with Thomas at the Walleye Mine, Gordon decided to keep track of their catch before moving on…141 fish in 3 hours!!! Another day, out with Thomas, a 2-year old moose was seen swimming about 10 feet from their boat. The Jones’ had a wonderful time here at the lodge and we hope to see them again soon.

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