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Miminiska’s Season Opener Delivers Trophy Pike

2012 Master Angler at Mim, Wilderness NorthIt was May 31st when the Atanasoff party – from Michigan – touched down on Miminiska Lodge’s grass strip – on board their brand new Pilatus PC12 aircraft. This was their fifth trip to “Mim” in the past 10 years … and what a trip it was!   The best fishing overall was at the “honey hole” just down from the lodge.Congratulations to John Bosco for landing a 42-inch Northern Pike on a white and green twister tail and received his Master Angler pin on the very first day.

The group of seven (Krist, Stanley, Kirk, Kiel, Kole, Krist Jr. and John ) headed out to Snake Falls with a shore lunch kit on their second day and had a great time. The third day was a trip to the Twin Falls where the Troutfly and Keezhik Creeks meet … Krist and Kole hiked up the Keezhik where Kole landed a 19-inch Brookie on a silver & blue Rapala … (He was always out-fishing the old man!)  Two woodland caribou looked at them from the shores up the Keezhik and then disappeared into the bush … not a common sight but it’s great to see these beautiful animals in the wild. The Atanasoff party knows Miminiska Lake very well and enjoyed trips to the mouths of Ferguson and Waddam Creeks as well.

Recent heavy rains have pushed water levels up to within a foot or two of the main dock. The area’s inflowing creeks are handling quite a volume of water flow, attracting those big Walleye. Krist mentioned that the boys had a wonderful time and caught some three hundred walleye in their four days here on the Albany.

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