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Miminiska Master Anglers

This past week the anglers here at Miminiska have enjoyed excellent fishing. The walleye continue to be hauled in by the dozens and we’ve had some big northern’s caught as well. One of our groups out on the water were able to bring in two trophy northerns. Jay caught a 40 inch gator  on a white Rapala after making the portage down to Petawanga, and Troy had a hard fighting battle with a 40 1/2 inch monster in Curry Bay caught using a green & silver cleo. In addition to the trophy pike, the group had tremendous success pulling in hundreds off walleye using jigs and white twister tails with the best action found at Twin Falls and the Honey hole in the evenings.

In another group of guests we had  Joe, who caught the first and biggest trophy northern, a 42 inch beauty that was caught up the shore from the lodge in Ferguson Bay using a green and black Rapala (featured image). They also had success catching walleye using the surefire method of a jig and white twister tail. Most of the time they were after big northern’s and although they only caught the one Master Angler northern there were at least 10 caught in between 32-37 inches.

Also in camp was  a group from the organization Wounded Warriors. Similar to Project Healing Waters, Wounded Warriors aims to help veterans suffering from PTSD and other war related mental health issues to ensure a smooth transition into civilian life. Their first day on the water proved to be a successful one when after shore lunch several people went over to Mim Falls to park there boats above the falls and walk down to fish in the rapids below them. While there, Daimian hooked up with a 28 inch walleye on a small spoon he bought at the dollar store. Jeff also had the surprise of the year when he battled a Sturgeon while fishing from shore at the falls. Witnesses estimate it was at least 50lbs, but without a net it was able to free itself from the hook before pictures could be taken.

Until next week,
Rob Staszak

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