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Miminiska Madness!

Welcome to Mim!

This is our first year with Wilderness North and we can’t get enough of Miminiska Lodge, the most beautiful wilderness lodge we have ever seen in Ontario.

We are well along in the 2016 season and it has well exceeded expectations. Average fish sizes have between 15-40 inches for both species, with prolific walleye counts being caught with each group of guests.

Our regular seasonal hotspots continue to shine for marble eyes and water wolves; Ferguson Bay/Creek, Wottam Bay/Creek and the “Walleye Mine” are producing more than 100 fish days.  At the Walleye Mine, a happy Floridian by the name of Bob B. had an average 17-inch walleye on the end of his rented Quantum rod and reel set-up when suddenly a 36-inch northern proceeded to stuff its face with the perfect eater sized walleye.

The “honey hole,” (yes, that’s the actual name of the spot) is a crowd favourite and will always be the go to spot when guests first jump into their spotless 16-foot Lund. When winds are heavy or during the post 9 p.m. light conditions that keep guests closer to the lodge, the”honey hole” has been nothing short of amazing. Prolific numbers and quality ‘eyes are being pulled from this 4-foot deep,moving water sweet spot on jigs and spinners. When the shallow current bite is on, the honey hole will impress.

Water levels around Miminiska are some 18 inches to two feet lower than they were on opening weekend. The changes have fish moving out of the shallow bays and creek mouths towards their summer haunts, which can range from 8 to 40 feet. Don’t be discouraged; after a cold night, shallow rocky shorelines have fish on them soaking up the morning sun and chasing the baitfish.

Miminiska isn’t just the home for world-class walleye and pike fishing, there are other species present in this fishery. The Albany River system boasts the best brook trout fishing on the planet! You can catch them in any of the river mouths but remember, while running your engine and throwing your anchor overboard may not scare a walleye or pike, it will most certainly alarm a brookie.

At Miminiska Lodge, we also offer fly outs: one- or multi-day brook trout adventures. Ask for details of fishing these rivers when you book your next adventure, because with a fly rod and a local Ojibwe guide in tow, you WILL have the best day of fishing ever.

Miminiska Lodge is now equipped with brand spanking new Humminbird Helix 5 fishfinders and these things work! Motor around in 30 feet of water and look for an arch on the bottom of your finder. When you locate the fish drop a 3/8 ounce jig and grub or a drop shot rig straight down and watch the arch rise as it meets your bait coming down. Be careful to not reel too fast, as walleye are not supposed to vary its depths fast and a quick reel could cause the fish to expand and pop its air bladder. This is one great way to catch a walleye, we guarantee it.

So far we have shared terrific stories, had great guests and outstanding trophy catches to help get the season off to an amazing start. Here’s to an extraordinary rest of the season!

To the guests we’ve already had the pleasure of hosting this season, thanks for staying with us! And for those still anxiously awaiting your arrival at our dock, we are ready when you are!


Brian and Kate

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