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Miminiska Lodge on the Albany

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffWhilst staff members at Miminiska Lodge seem to have been falling into the water this week, (wow that water is cold)  we thought it’s about time we told you about what’s being brought out of the water by our great mates up here.
The Atansoff group -from Iron River Michigan -flew off after an amazing week of fishing, scoring well in every department with brookies, walleye, and northern’s. They especially enjoyed taking to the canoes and portaging into some of the magic little trout spots – like the tail waters of the Keezhik River.

Tom and Gabriela arrived to a warm welcome, quickly ripping into the walleyes and Gabriela especially enjoyed catching lunch for her father. They took time out on Sunday during the heat of the day, to have a sauna and swim to replenish themselves for a beautiful twilight of fishing at the “honey hole,” where Gabriela caught herself a 26 inch walleye, earning herself the first Master Angler this season for Miminiska! True blue effort Gabby! Kelly and Eric enjoyed a great day of weather and fishing, quickly tallying up almost 200 walleyes by supper-time, which I thought earned a “Crikey mate, bloody good effort award.” We have neither a certificate or hat pin for this award – but I’m working on management.

The weather up here has been great the past couple-a-days, 18 degrees centigrade yesterday, but a far cry from the heat I am used to back in Perth, Western Australia.  However, these warmer temps gives me a fair dinkum* (reliable or genuine) taste of home, minus the old roo’s hopping about of course ☺. The Caribou seem to have selected our runway as their new grazing ground, so there has been plenty of wild-life spotting around the place as well.

Looking forward to another great week of fishing up here and meeting new mates along the way. Hoo-roo
Tristan Yuswak
– – – the Aussie in the great Possie (Position)

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