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Mighty Musgrave & The SPAM Museum

SPAM museum MinnesotaAs you may recall, I joined the Wilderness North team earlier this year, after being a guest for a number of years. I have a lot of “on the lake experience” to share with guests in my role as trip planner. This summer I am stationed here at base camp in Armstrong, where I occasionally fly into our remote cabin destinations to help guests get set up for their week.This past week, I had the chance to visit Musgrave and its sister lake Kilbarry for the first time. I will tell you about my experience in the podcast, and about my drive up from our US office in Texas. Once in Minnesota, I took a little detour off of I35 North to the city of Austin and made a visit to the Spam Museum. Click here for the podcast.

Despite the swine flu warnings, I wallowed in the grandeur of this one-of-a-kind stop, before heading up to Canada, my address for the next few months; and from where I’ll bring home the bacon. The Spam Museum is a great place for the whole family, as you will note from the photos, I took the opportunity to ham it up for the cameras just as you would.

But enough of the pork metaphors. BTW I still have a few “fill in” dates for trips during the 2009 season, and would love to tell you more about a way to save considerably if your schedule is flexible in July and August.
…Joe Pichey, Wilderness North Outdoor Specialist

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