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Masterful Angling at Striker’s Point Lodge

Guests at Strikers June 23 210, Wilderness NorthIt was another week of masterful angling here at Striker’s Point Lodge in the heart of the Wabakimi Provincial Park. Rob from Duluth, Minnesota caught and released a walleye just shy of 28″ fishing in 18 feet of water with a pink jig and leech. Rob was under the impression that a Master Angler had to exceed 28″, leaving him just 1/8 of an inch shy. He was floored when he found out that he had made it by nearly 2 inches! Rob’s uncle, Jim helped to net the fish. The group also caught an “unbelievable amount” of walleye – by just dropping their jigs beside the boat.

Retired college professor Robert Glenn from Missouri captured a 44″ northern pike. He was fishing off the second rock island down river with a Williams 7″ Whitefish. The pike fought for over 20-minutes. Son Shane Glenn helped to lift the fish out of the water (they didn’t have a net with them.) The pair also caught over 500 walleye on their trip, and found that the first rock pile just off burnt island was an amazing spot for walleye fishing. Robert was a professor of economics for 28 years at Missouri State University, and he pointed out that “You are never too old, or too young, to have fun and catch BIG fish at Wilderness North!” Well-said Professor!

Steve Arbaugh from Harbor Springs, (top photo) Michigan managed to bring in a 42″ northern on a fly rod just south of the Bay of Pigs. He was trolling in 3 feet of water with an eight-wt fly rod. Steve also caught a 36″ beauty! Hugh Ryan of Williamsburg, Michigan came close to master angler status with a 23″ walleye. Hugh and Steve have been our guests for over ten years, and it’s always good to see them come back.

Jason Potthoff from Winamac, Indiana caught a 40″ northern just off Best Island using a Husky Jerk Rapalla in 1.5 feet of water. Fred Wise (third photo from the top) from Delphi, Indiana reeled in a 40 incher just around the point down the river using a Little Cleo.

Jake 44in Pike SPL 2010, Wilderness NorthOur youngest Master Angler of the week is 7-year-old Jake Martin from Cicero, Indiana, who caught a 44″ pike. When asked to describe his fish, Jake said, “It was big!” And it was big – longer than he is tall. Jake was fishing with his great grandpa Fred, and his dad David. At first, David thought his son was snagged. As he tried to free the snag, the monster fish surfaced, and Jake’s first thought was “WOW!” It took Dad roughly 30 minutes to reel in the fish, and Jake netted it with help from his great grandpa. The fish was so large that it didn’t entirely fit in the net, and Jake wasn’t able to hold it by himself, so he had to get some help from his dad.

Bruce & Kim SPL 2010, Wilderness NorthBruce from Greendale, Wisconsin is also a Master Angler this week with his catch – a 40-inch northern that he reeled in just off the second point down river. He was fishing for walleye with his daughter, Kim, using a jig and minnow when he caught a 15″ walleye. As he was reeling it in, the monster pike grabbed hold. Luckily, Bruce was able to net both fish.

Congratulations to all of our Master Anglers this week!
…Katelyn Johnson

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