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Master Pike and Walleye at Whitewater

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffWhat a week for master angler fish here at Striker’s Point Lodge!
Last week I mentioned the Blankenship group and their SEVEN master angler pike – well, by the end of the trip their grand total was TEN master angler pike! Larry from Virginia claims the largest catch with a 50 1/8 inch monster. He promises to send the photo from his disposable camera. He was fishing with large minnows in swift water about 8 feet deep at the west end of the lake. Larry and friends were fishing for walleye but the walleye fishing suddenly stopped. He joked that, “When the walleye stop, the big fish have moved in!” This turned out to be the case, and after a long fight he was able to bring in the fish with the help of his friend Ted, who did a great job netting the monster pike. Larry also caught a 41″ northern, and Ted had a 42″. Kevin was the walleye champion of the group; he caught A LOT of walleye all over the lake!

Nurenberg2010, Wilderness North guestsRandy (Bottom pic.) and his sons Chris and Matt from Minnesota had a great end to their trip, bringing in three master angler pike. Chris caught a 44in northern just in front of our lodge. (Top pic right.) He was fishing with a William’s Gold Spoon at a place our lodge manager Bill Carroll pointed out. Matt (Middle pic.) caught a 41″ big girl in Gator Alley, and another 40″ northern just off Burnt Island.

The Davidson group from Virginia commented on the AMAZING fishing all over the lake – with exceptionally big numbers of walleye in McKinley Bay. Friend Nick from Virginia caught a 40″ northern off of burnt island with the help of guide Nick Tomberg.

Jankus2010, Wilderness North guestsWard (Lower pic) from Wisconsin caught a 29.5in walleye his first morning fishing here on Whitewater Lake. It was his 6th cast of the day. Again, manager Bill Carroll gets credit for suggesting a great fishing spot just off the rock pile down river. Ward would like to rename this fishing spot “Ward’s Point.” Friend Jim (Top pic) helped net the fish. Jim, publisher of Badger Sportsman, came very close to catching a master angler walleye himself, but was just short at 25.5, fishing with a ¾ oz pink jig and a leech. Ward and Jim also managed to see some wildlife on their trip, and they caught this great picture of a moose swimming across the lake. Ward and Jim waded into the water while fishing just below the rapids after the portage trail. While reeling in a walleye, they witnessed a northern come up and grab the fish just inches from their legs! They did a big step back.

Scott and Mike, the last of this weeks guests, had a lot of success fishing for walleye down at the west end of Whitewater Lake. They managed to reel in 67 fish within an hour while fishing in the rapids! Also, Scott wrangled a master angler 47″ northern, and another 37″, both caught in the narrows near Ogoki Lodge.

It’s been a week of record catches here on Whitewater Lake! But – it’s still early in the season! Perhaps we will see even BIGGER catches as the weather – and the fishing – heats up.
From Striker’s Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake, this is Katlyn Johnson casting off

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