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Master Anglers

Master AnglersMany of our  guests are official Wilderness North Master Anglers. As such we have prepared a special “hat pin” that certifies their remarkable angling. Our Lodge Managers often collect their catch data, and pass out these pins. However, sometimes we miss a departing guest who has had such good fortune.  Or someone from an outpost adventure heads home without registering their catch.

Wilderness North Master Angler PinNot To Worry…
If you have caught and released a Walleye 26 inches or longer, or a Northern Pike 40 inches or longer  in 2011 you qualify. Here is your chance to register your fish, and receive your hat pin by mail.
By clicking here, you can tell us about your catch.
Make sure to give us your phone number so that we may call you, and have you tell us about the moment.

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